Stories from the Front Lines

Uncover a few of the many stories from our team's engagements with clients across various industries. These are just a few of the War Stories of Paradoxical Security's Unsung Heroes.

Breach and Clear: Securing Our Client's Front Doors

In a critical operation, our team unearthed a series of zero-day vulnerabilities in a widely-used Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, employed by a healthcare insurance provider. This flaw could bypass all security measures, potentially exposing sensitive patient data and financial information. Our prompt discovery led to immediate remediation, preventing a major breach and securing the privacy of millions. Read More

Irony Strikes: Crypto Mining in a Financial Institution

During an engagement with a financial client, our team exploited a newly disclosed vulnerability, compromising one of the client's systems. The surprise came when we found a crypto miner on the compromised system, indicating a prior breach. This discovery triggered a full-scale investigation, revealing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group that had been operating undetected on the client's systems for years. Read More

Operation Domain Dominance: A Tale of Complete Domain Takeover

Beginning with basic access, our team navigated through complex systems, overcoming numerous security measures. The turning point was when we accessed a significant number of user accounts. This operation emphasized the potential risks of overlooked vulnerabilities and the importance of comprehensive security audits. Read More